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    Can an african based in nigeria make genuine money online?
    After all said and done about making money online, click bank seems the only way out were one can receive its earnings.
    Looking out click bank country list, nigeria my country and some other african country's names are not on click bank list. So how do i register? And how do i make money online as an african? Or is the online internet business not meant for africans? Or is it strictly for those outside africa?

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    A very famous African Vinny Lingham has done so well as an affiliate that he actually sold his business and emigrated to the United States. Many affiliate programs and networks have banned Nigeria due to fraud. You first need to find a network that will accept your country then seek programs that will work with you. It may take direct emails to the affiliate managers.

    Clickbank does not have a support forum here and does not respond to posts. I suggest contacting them directly.

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    I just checked that world's leading affiliate network Commission Junction allow affiliates from Nigeria. Click Bank is not worth your time. Just move on to bigger and better networks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinncejclark View Post
    Or is the online internet business not meant for africans? Or is it strictly for those outside africa?
    no man.. just look for other networks that accept Africans. I'm from South Africa, I tried Clinkbank a few years back but the offers were not converting well, so switched to physical products. I use Amazon & an affiliate program of an online & offline school in London on my music production blog!

    The school courses are bringing in good money, so get a good affiliate program that allow Africans to join. It doesn't have to be on sites like, clickbank, commission junction, Linkshare etc... it can be an independent affiliate program like the school I'm telling you about. Don't give up.. Good Luck!

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    Just forgo any email marketing efforts and jump to selling thru amazon shop and fullfillment using the www.vendio free cart/catalog service and direct interface to All legit and then you can Grow Your Business on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and More. You better off have a stateside partner like Amazon doing the collecting and shipping on products selected at Alibaba and use Vendio to manage it all....
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    You've raised a very good question. An aspiring new affiliate from the same country asked me the same question and my answer is: YES, you can. Clickbank is not the only network out there. You've heard from other members here and they have given excellent suggestions.

    I suggest you browse through the lessons in the ABW Academy to get started.
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