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    hey guys, Im new to all this but I am very ambitious and determined to learn.

    I have a question, I am in the process of developing my first website. I do have limited funds for this project but I had a question.

    I plan on doing a product review website. I wanted to create one massive site with a bunch of different product reviews comparing to other similar products.

    My question is, Is it a good idea to have them all on one website? Or should I create a website for each category or sets of products on their own?

    Considering I am limited on funds I thought putting it all on one website would be a good move. What are your thoughts?

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    Get started with one site, if you get segmented traffic you can branch off.

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    Your website can change and adapt over time to whatever you want. You can expand or retract it's space if you eventually decide to branch out.

    You "domain name" should probably be something specific to what your targeted audience is. But, the domain itself doesn't have to be product specific.

    So maybe your "Egomes Product Reviews" then each page you create or blog post is targeted to your niche keyword. You could create sections within your site.... tech reviews, game reviews, software reviews, etc...

    If you use a larger site that branches into different review departments within, I believe that will have a positive effect with your "domain authority".

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