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    Ooooh goodness, my tummy hurts. Do you sometimes walk through a parking lot, see a tricked out car with chrome rims, tinted windows, gigamongous spoiler, etc. and just wonder, "Why?" For those of you who have that reaction:

    For those of you who don't, nevermind!

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    Though I can't pretend to appreciate it, I know where the mindset lies - because my 6 1/2 year old son thinks they are the coolest things around. So I guess these cars are customized by young men who want to impress kindergartners ... uh-oh

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    Hi Everyone,

    Our Company uses new vettes to advertise our national ISP company BBUSA.NET & Xtreme-Speed.Net thru Us and our resellers ..Works pretty nice... I personally own a vette with chromed rims, tint, etc.. then again I used to own Detail Shops in Jersey and got into the whole thing as you can't help but do just that after you work on enuff, you want your own ride hooked up.

    I got my eye on a new Hummer H2, Black all tinted out, would make for a nice Ad Vehicle.

    Kevin- Go Wireless
    Bargain Cellular

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    1,205 <<<< The hate mail is hilarious in a Lenny Bruce/Redd Foxx kind of way. Hasn't been updated since January '01. <<<< "Chronicling Questionable Automotive Style" but hasn't been updated since May '01. <<<< Print out tickets!!! <<<< where those with more money than taste hang out. Be sure to scope out the member pages while you're there.
    Dr. Strangeweb, or how I learned how to stop worrying about SERPS and love the WOM.

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    Too funny!

    Thanks for the laugh!

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    Hehe, well to each his hobby.

    What appeals me is that some of these guys
    spend a fortune on a japanese car where
    in fact they could have bought a real performance car.

    As always there are exeptions, some of these
    guys do amazing things, but probably 90% just put's up the loudest exhaust and the largest spoiler they can find.

    Kevin, if your company wants some promotion
    in Belgium put me on the list and make it bold please! I'll even drive it to Le Mans this summer ;-)


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