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    Before traveling to London on business, an American drove his Rolls Royce to a bank in the middle of New York to ask for a loan of $5000. He left his rolls-Royce as collateral. The loan officer accepted and had the car driven down into the the bank's underground car park for safekeeping. He then handed the businessman $5000. Two weeks later, the American came back from London and he went to the bank to return his loan and bring back his car. "That will be $5000 plus $15.40 in interest," said the loan officer. The man wrote a check and started to walk away. "Wait a minute, sir," said the bank man. "While you were away, I discovered that you are a millionaire. Why in the world do you need to borrow $5000?" The man smiled. "Where else in New York could I park my Rolls-Royce for two weeks for only $15.40?"

    Randy Carey, Affiliate Manager

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