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    I'm new to clickbank can anyone guide me
    I'm new to clickbank can anyone guide me

    and tell the good ways of promoting my hop links

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    ClickBank is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it.

    Just head over to their marketplace and browse through the categories to find your offer. A good way to see what is selling well is to sort their results by gravity which will give you a good idea of what's hot and what's not.

    Probably the best way to promote ClickBank affiliate offers in my opinion is through email marketing. Build a squeeze page offering a niche related freebie, give them lots of great content and then promote the ClickBank offer. Drive traffic to your squeeze through both paid (PPC, PPV etc) and/or free (forum signatures/viral traffic) methods.
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    Hey suu,

    The way I promote my hop links is by 1st building a blog, feed it with a lot of content.. then create a squeeze page, send loads of traffic to the squeeze page & email them a link to one blog post each day.. I don't tell anyone to buy anything, I place my affiliate links & banners on the blog.

    Whenever they finish reading the post most of them do check out the Ads.. I work hard on generating good quality content (even guest posts) & traffic! That's the way I do it by the way! there's a lot of ways to promote your links, you can also use Yahoo answers, Facebook, Youtube, Forums, Classified Ads etc..

    Hope that gives You an idea.. The best of luck!

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