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    Making money with Android Apps
    Hi guys,

    I'm new here and for affiliate marketing too. I'm more than 1 year making apps and several month since started working with affiliates.

    Since the Android market is still young enough it's really easy to start earning here. To share my experience I've started my blog [link removed]

    My goal now is to find more affilates who want to create apps and earn money. I'd appreciate if you can help me with it, what techniques are working best? Currently I use my own apps as a channel to attract affiliates.

    Maybe somebody from forum members want to start with Android Apps, I'll be glad to help here and share some ideas that works and templates, that you can use to build your apps.

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    Advertising isn't free! Take a look at the Paid Announcement forum.

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    Sorry, but what I have advertised?
    My blog? This sounds strange to me when mention a blog called advertising. Ok, you can remove the link, that was not the purpose of my post rather than just the way to show what I'm doing to attract affiliates. Maybe I do something wrong. There is not so much written about mobile affiliate marketing.

    Would appreciate any help.

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    Can't find my posts are they were deleted?

    I thought that this forum is about to find help for affiliate marketing

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