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    Google Analytics & Multi-Site (sub-directories)
    I'm setting up a multi-ste using sub-directories and will be using Google Analytics to track some data. I'm interested in knowing if I only need to create one Analytics Profile to track the entire site and past the code on the main site?


    or if I have to create multiple profiles for each sub-directory site and insert the code on every sub-directory?


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    Just to add, I'm using wordpress with individual woothemes for each sub-directory. In the woothemes setup, there is an option to paste the Google Analytics Code.

    If using one profile... would I paste the code into each theme? (I imagine so)

    If using individual profiles... I think that obviously you would post each individual code into each theme.

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    One profile, and use the multi domain setting if I'm understanding correctly. See here:

    Tracking subdomains - Analytics Help

    The asynch works about the same way, but the article implies differently (kind of). Just be sure the tracking JS appears on all pages.

    Edit: Better link:
    Kevin Webster
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