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    Rewriting datafeed descriptions and SE penalties
    Hello everybody,
    I've read on some threads around this forum that you always should rewrite affiliate product descriptions, even if just slightly. That would keep you safe from getting penalized by the latest Google Panda updates.

    Well, I have datafeed including around 90,000 products integrated into my websites. Rewriting descriptions is not a lot of work, that's simply impossible! So I am asking for any advice on how to cope with that.

    Also, if by integrating datafeed you get into the Google serps danger zone, would it be better to give up with adding datafeed in favour of other affiliate practices? -- and what affiliate industry experts suggest?

    About my experience: one of my websites has around 2,000 pages of original content (most in form of blog posts) and a catalog feed of around 90,000 products, with a product description published on a single page (that means 90,000 of dynamic Url pages). However that website was not afected by Google Panda updates. Am I supposed to do anything with it?

    Thanks a lot

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    You need to SEO with the content around your feeds. Consider your feed content to be creative as opposed to actual content on you site and build out additional content around the feed-based product ads for readers and Google.
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    The problem is how to do that when you have real data feeds including 90,000 items

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    I do agree that it is impossible to re-write content for all these 90000 products. What i recommend is; ask your product affiliate to use canonical tag into product page that can help search engine to identify original product page and will not give penalties to affiliate promote those page.

    Meanwhile, they can promote those product by creating category pages optimized for those products.

    Hope it will help !!

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