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    Three men were heading to London for a very important meeting by car along the motorway.

    About an hour away the car coughs, splutters and grinds to a halt on the hard shoulder.

    The first man a car-mechanic says "don't worry I think I know what the problem is, give me an hour under the bonnet (hood - not a hat) and I'll have us going again."

    The second man, a business man says "I can't afford to wait that long, I'll miss my meeting and the deal won't go through. We'll dump the car, call a cab and buy a new car for the return journey once we get to town."

    The third man, a computer worker then says "I can fix it quicker than that, all we have to do is get out of the car and get back in again and it should work fine."

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    Have YOU ever IPLed your car? I have.

    Pulled into a parking garage once and found that the power windows weren't working. Ex-hubby announced, "Well we can't leave the car here with the windows down, so I guess we better just go home."

    I suggested, "Turn the car off, wait for ten seconds, and start it again. I think that might work."

    "Are you nuts?" he replied, "What good will that do?"

    But I insisted, and so he did as I requested. Sure enough the windows worked just fine after that.

    "What the hell did I just do?" he asked.

    I smugly answered, "You just IPLed the car."

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