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    Taken from the Toronto Globe & Mail March 30, 2004

    In most of the Canadian Provinces, there is a policy of checking on any stalled vehicle on the highway when the temperatures drop in the single digits or below.

    One morning in March 2004 about 3AM RCMP Constable Bill Wisen was awakened to respond to such a call of a car off the shoulder on the Trans Canada Highway outside of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

    Constable Wisen located the car still running, stuck in deep snow alongside the highway. Pulling in behind it with his emergency lights on, Constable Wisen walked to the driver's door to find an older man passed out behind the wheel and a near empty bottle of vodka in the seat.

    He tapped on the window and the driver woke up, seeing the rotating lights in his rear view mirror and the RCMP Constable standing next to his car. The man panicked, and he jerked the gearshift into drive and hit the gas. The car's speedometer was showing 20-30-40 then 50 KPH, but its still stuck in the snow.

    Constable Wisen , having a sense of humor, began running in place next to the speeding but still stationary car. The driver was totally freaked thinking the officer is actually keeping up with him.

    This goes on for about 20 seconds when Constable Wisen yelled at the man ordering him to "pull over". This man obeyed and turned his wheel and stopped the engine.

    Once out of the car the drunken driver asked about the RCMPs' special training and just how can the Constable run 50 KPH. The man, Mr. Robert Duport of Medicine Hat was arrested still believing that an RCMP Constable had outrun his car.
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    Typically Canadian. I love it.

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    A public radio station I'm listening to online plays 4 hours of oldtime radio programs every night. Right now, they're broadcasting an old episode of "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon." I'm sure he could keep up. At least Yukon King, the wonder huskie would have little trouble tracking him, even without the old flannel shirt the bad guys always seem to leave behind in their cabin hideouts.

    "Well King, this case is closed. And boy, am I tired."


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