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    Cloud Based Data Storage
    Hostgator offers automated backups, unlimited storage space with their new "cloud based" backup systems.

    I would be interested to get your views on this concept.
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    I just converted to Apple's iCloud. It's tough for me, since I have 3 Apple IDs, but it seems like a good idea. I just wish it was easier to do manual back-ups and cloud back-ups.

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    Any backup is a good thing

    From what I understand, the only difference with Cloud backup is better performance/speed. The concept is the same as regular backup, with no obvious difference to the end user - you still have a static location (host, IP, etc).

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    I have been using "cloud based" backup for six month's now. (Not Hostgater) I reason I started was that I have two main computers that I do my AM work on and in the past I would update the changes made to a USB stick and then download to the other computer. So most days I uploaded/download to the usb stick severial times.

    About 6 month's ago I started using SugarSync to keep both computers InSynce and it works great, plus I have a backup on their server ++ Their sever keeps several versions of the file so if needed I can goback to a older version of the file (Which is a great)

    I have not used the service for personal files but for backing up my site its great. Plus my account id FREE since I backup less then 5GB

    I thinking about backing up Family Photos next, but I guessing I will need to upgade the account to do that.
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    They're a bit late to the game on this. We've been offering CodeGuard powered backups for quite a few months. Backs up to the cloud, fully incremental, alerts if some files are changed (potential hacks, etc).


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    I had very bad experience with HostGator and I moved to 1and1. They offer really affordable dedicated servers starting at $60/month.
    Unfortunately, one of my clients has hosting with HostGator and I had to deal with them again. My client's host has been infected with malware and HG is trying for whole week to clean it. I wanted to clean it by myself and I would do it in a day, but they said 'we'll do it for you, we have security team'. Their security team has not idea what they're doing. They cleaned account once and forgot to change FTP password and didn't even notice that there was a malicious script running and account was infected again. I can't even believe that they are informing the clients through ticket system about their own mistakes and oversights.

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    Think about cloud backup Vs local backup to your own external drive (which you can periodically swap with another off-premises if you fear local disasters).

    How long does it take to download all your backups from the cloud to do a "complete" restore? (a friend of mine asked that of a Carbonite rep and they said "Only a few days"). I think you can pay extra for faster service.

    Think about how you pay every month or every year, while a local backup system is a one-time expense, and not very expensive (with maybe some updates every couple of years).

    Think of the time and expense of re-installing your operating system, local area network, email system and connection, Internet connection, all your programs (let's see, where did I store that program license??) etc. Or you might have to pay a consultant for all that work. Could take a day.

    Therefore a file-by-file backup of only your work product is never enough. You need a full image backup (a snapshot of your whole hard drive, which allows you to quickly restore everything perfectly, no matter how bad the disaster).

    I hear you can now get full image backups to the cloud - if you pay enough.

    As a pro computer consultant, I NEVER let my clients use a cloud-only backup. If they want to add cloud backups to a good full image local backup system, that's fine by me.

    I also insist on a formal "Business Continuity Plan" and "Disaster Recovery Plan". One of my clients was hit by an office fire. Thanks to his local backup system, I was able to recover almost everything - even with melted computers and his supposed off-premises drive being in the fire by accident.

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    I use nothing but cloud servers now for live sites.......Phpfog is a great app, you can create a wordpress site in 10 seconds......

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