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    A brilliant engineer died and was sent to Hell. As he approached the gates of Hell, he was greeted by Satan. He said to Satan, " man is it ever hot down here." "Im an engineer and I could do some design changes here, install central air, some jacuzzis and lots of other stuff".

    The Devil thought it was a great idea and told him to go for it. The engineer layed out the plans and did just what he said he would. Satan was happy.

    A couple of days later, God was kinda bored, so he called up Satan to rub it in a little and was surprised that he was so happy. He said,"This is great. You sent an engineer down here and he changed some stuff, installed air conditioning and jacuzzis and now its kinda like Club Med down here." God was kinda ticked off by this since he had given standing orders that no engineers were to be allowed in Hell since he knew this kind of crap would happen. God told Satan that he wanted him to give the engineer back immediately. Satan refused. God told him that if he didnt give the engineer back that he would take him to court and sue him. The devil just laughed and said, "Good luck to ya Lord. Just try to find a lawyer."

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    Damn near pee'd my pants! ha ah aha ha

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