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Bitdefender US – Internet Security 1PC 1YR & Premium Services Bundle

Bitdefender are pleased to announce a new and exciting bundle promotion on their Internet Security 1PC 1YR product. Buy Internet Security 1 PC 1 YR and receive a Premium Install and Configure Service all for $59.94, saving $30 today! Ever purchased software and found it difficult to set up? Well, you won’t experience this issue with Bitdefender’s new value add service. Let one of Bitdefender’s Microsoft Certified Tech-Pros install and configure your Bitdefender software for you! They will also verify your system’s compatibility with Bitdefender, remove any pre-existing security software, install Bitdefender, set-up your “My Bitdefender’ account, configure your settings, and give you a brief tutorial on how to make the most of your new software. If you have any other concerns about your product or set up, your rep will be more than happy to help you during the installation.

Promotions like these don’t come round very often so you cannot afford to miss out. The bundle would usually cost $89.94 but for one month exclusive for all affiliates selling via the US store this can be promoted at only $59.94 (no coupon code required), a perfect opportunity to boost your affiliate commissions.

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