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    advertiser mindset

    I had a specific niche where i have great traffic and currently i have put adsense on it since i was booted me out of ebay affiliates few years back.. i was doing well with ebay for that niche.. i found a merchant in CJ where he has all products i am targeting . i applied and auto declined and i emailed them stating i have good traffic and asked them to atleast allow me for a month to make sales for them.. despite it they send me a automated email after few hours with pre-made answers saying they cant aspect me.. i have a epc of $11 and whereas the mechant have $4.xx .. why they do so ? its not only merchant who have done this but many merchants do it...whats on their mind ? why do they reject even after emails to them ?


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    Big brands are very concerned about the representation of their brand. It cold be due to your site, your domain or the country you are located in. Look for a different merchant or see if Amazon would fill the need.

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