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    Videos on website.
    hey there, Im thinking about starting a sports based website. Is it legal for me to post highlight videos of the games played that day or week?

    This will be an affiliate site as well where others peoples product will be made available, As i will review them and offer suggestions, etc...

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    It depends where you get the videos from.. recorded yourself (from your own tv), definitely not. Available from the broadcasters (who own the rights to republish), it would only be ok if they make them available, and your site meets conditions outlined in the "terms of use".

    As for Youtube, terms of use are sketchy.. you can embed a video, then days later it's disabled for copyright violation - you don't want to accidentally end up on the wrong side with the broadcaster yourself.

    Having said that, there are some online Advertising Agencies that offer ad-serving video clips for websites.. I don't know any names off the top of my head (it's outside the scope of affiliate marketing), but that would be a legitimate channel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirobi View Post
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    Then don't post...
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    Videos, Youtube it sketchy as videos are often taken down, your best chances is to use videos that are available for embed from broadcasters sites such as NBC,NFL,ESPN,ABC and all the others and so on, if it's available, etc

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    Even if the site has embed codong, read the Terms of Use. Many sites, will allow you to embed object code but will limit it to personal use only.

    Also, You Tube does have embed coding for some videos. If they aren't available, it's because a video submitter has limited the license of the use. I choose to limit the license of my videos. Copying the video to any other source would be a copyright infringement in that case.
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