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    A marketer was not having sales and decides to ask the Devil:

    ---Marketer -> Devil, what the hell is going on with the networks?"
    --- -> Dear marketer, there is no evil on the networks.
    ---Marketer -> Devil, if there're no evil on the networks, why I am not making more money?
    --- -> Because you're still on the clouds, I just use the networks to get the souls of some merchants.
    ---Marketer -> Ok Devil, can I have a million visitors to my site this month?
    --- -> Hell yea Marketer, just join the merchants that deal with me directly and forget the networks.
    ---Marketer -> But, Devil, can you promise to send a million visitors to my site this month?
    --- -> Listen you probable affiliate, I don't make promises, I only make deals and if you make a deal with me, I will give you fame and fortune in a short time and you don't need a million visitors, all you have to do is forget about, your principles, your morals and your ethics.
    ---Marketer -> Well, I think I will decline your offer for now, I am not willing to give out my principles, morals and ethics for just a few months of fame and fortune.
    --- -> Ok you poor page maker, I will make you one final VERY HOT DEAL, there is not much time left before the networks kick out the merchants that deal with me directly, so I will make you a deal you can't refuse.
    --- -> If you make a deal with me {The Devil} today, I will guarantee* that for the rest of your life you will have Fame* and Fortune*, all I want in exchange is your soul.

    Fame and Fortune Guarantee*

    <span class="ev_code_BROWN">*You will be famous, your name will appear on the news, you will make a fortune, even if you go to jail, you will make a fortune, all you have to do is write a book from jail and write about how you became so famous in a short time, when and if you get out of jail, you will be more famous and make more money on your second book. All I want is your soul, so let's make a deal.</span>

    ---Marketer -&gt; Dear Mr. Devil, while your Hot Deal sounds very interesting, I guess I am not that interested any longer on your deal since I can't see myself down the road saying this: Oh my God!, I am innocent,

    The Devil Made Me Do It.

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    OH so true... Try to cell up with Martha or your favorite network exec.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

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    Sharester is cracking me up!

    Haiko might have a full time job with this one :thumbs:

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