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Thread: SellFire Affiliate API Site Contest

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    SellFire Affiliate API Site Contest
    Hello All,

    To help kick start the launch of SellFire's new Affiliate API, I'm looking to build up a portfolio of live sites that use the API service. My goal is to have a handful of sites that I can link to from as examples of the products you can build using the API.

    So, what is the SellFire API? It's a web service that can be used to query our database of 35 million products and 1600 datafeeds. You can search the database and get back product advertisement data, complete with affiliate links embedded with your IDs. It can be used to build comparison shopping engines, daily deal sites, product review sites, and any other site you can think of that has a need for product information.

    If this type of service interests you, I am offering free usage of the API for someone who is interested in building a custom, dynamic site.

    Here are the restrictions:

    1. This is for the affiliate API, not the store builder.
    2. Since it is for the API, you or someone you work with must be a capable web-programmer
    3. The site should be aesthetically pleasing and hosted in an environment with reasonable load times
    4. You agree to let SellFire link to your site as an example site
    5. You agree to place a "Powered by Sellfire" link in the footer of your site

    If you are interested, please shoot me a message (either PM or at with the idea for your site and how long you think it would take you to build.

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    I am current developing a website the will be using the sellfire API website service. I'd like to get me information about this offer. I am welling to have the sellfire link at the foot of my site.


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    This thread is 2 years old. You will probably not get an answer from them.

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