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    Hey Guys & Gals!

    I am very new to Affiliate Marketing.. but not new to the Advertising world as we are already doing that on our very niche website.. a curated collection of independent designers and handmade makers from around the world. But we want to dive into Affiliate Marketing.. and I have a few really silly, probably really DUH like questions.. here is the first..

    1 - Our site is simple, minimal, and we promote designers on our own already.. with Affiliate Marketing.. do you HAVE to have ads, banners, all the bells and whistles on the site.. or can you simply advertise a merchant and an individual product by a single image or picture?

    We really want to keep our site the way it is.. content focused, nothing cheesy, or advertising like.. and we really just want to know if we can have almost a catalog type page (like we already do) and simply have images of products or items from the merchants that we advertise.. not their ads, banners, etc.. is this do-able? Do they allow you to do what you like? These questions are probably silly to most.. but very new to us.

    Thanks so much!! (I will be back)

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    Yes you can use affiliate links/images for product based reviews, etc. Depending on the program you can deep link to the product page or use a datafeed.

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