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    Is this a bug
    I know 5 of my friends that have had active google adsense accounts with ads showing and all. But when tried to sign up to Google Affiliate Network, they got a message saying they're not allowed to sign up.!searchin/affiliate-network/AdSense$20account$20associated$20with$20this$20user$20is$20not$20active$20google$20affiliate$20network

    Many people also have the same problem. I wonder if it's a bug. Does google aware of it?

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    Thank you for your post. We are are aware of this message and are looking into it further.

    Thank you,

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    Curiously, those whose adsense account is NOT active (not getting second approval) can sign up to GAN. Indonesians are affected. My philipine friends don't. Also only new accounts made in last 3 months have this issue I think.

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