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    Anyone Having Issues With SAS Direct Deposit
    Is anyone who has a Wells Fargo bank account having issues with Share A Sale direct deposit. I've head an issue for 4 months now. My first direct deposit rejection was 2 months ago. I then had SAS issues a new direct deposit and it happened again today.

    I've checked with the bank and nothing has changed. My details are correct but SAS direct deposits are being rejected. Each time I'm charged $3.00. I don't have this issue with any other network or vendor.

    I've received other direct deposits to the same account without issue from other parties.

    If I'm not the only one with issues, it could enlighten SAS that something's wrong on their end.

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    Two accounts (corporate and sole proprietor) both going into two different Wachovia/Wells Fargo accounts. Never had a problem.

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