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    April 22nd, 2012
    embeding PHP variable in mysql_query

    I am trying to create a table using mesql_query to create table and name it with a number generated by a PHP random variable.

    $status = mysql_select_db($database);
    <!--- has been generated from another page i am able to insert it in to an existing table----> $var= $_COOKIE['randid'];

    mysql_query(" CREATE TABLE `{$var}` VALUES (
    `userid_id` bigint(255))");

    I thought there must be a problem with the type of value stored in the cookie as its an INT but it wasnt the right solution i have changed it to a string but im not yet able to create the table.

    the generated number is a customer ID

    Please help,

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    June 29th, 2011
    I'm running on very little sleep so sorry if my answer isn't correct or elegant, but I don't see where you've declared your columns for the table. You need to add the columns prior to the "VALUES" section. Also, where's your insert statement?

    Create table first, then insert values.


    mysql_query(" CREATE TABLE' {$COOKIE['randid']}' (columnname1 VARCHAR2(10), columnname2 INT(4)" );
    INSERT INTO tablename VALUES ('myvarchar', '3');

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