Badoo is the fastest growing social network in the world for meeting new people, with nearly 155 million globally registered members and over 129k new users every day. It’s the 6th largest social network worldwide and operates in 180 countries.

Badoo is attractive to users as it’s free, easy-to-use and utilizes other social media sites to create interesting profiles quickly and effortlessly with each user’s site tailored to their local surroundings.

With a reported 58% of people in the US making friends and meeting potential partners online, the prospective growth for the brand is vast with affiliate opportunities expanding exponentially.

Affiliate Program Launch – Strategy & Execution:
In November 2011, Badoo launched a targeted and highly competitive affiliate program with global affiliate network, buy.at in the US market. The program was strategically aligned to geographically focus on larger, metropolitan US areas providing a greater aggregation of Badoo users being targeted.

The brand had a challenging goal of attaining 1million sign-ups per month in the US market alone. The buy.at team implemented custom tracking to support publishers, which have greatly contributed to the growth of the program by offering greater visibility into their channel activities.

buy.at has worked with Badoo to improve the quality of traffic by leveraging a Badoo Facebook app landing page which has helped generate sign-ups through incentive sites. If Facebook is where you interact with people you already know, Badoo is where you go to meet ‘new’ people. With this in mind, the synergy between the two sites can be harnessed to generate high quality users for Badoo by utilizing ‘Facebook Connect’, i.e. registering for Badoo using your Facebook details.

Samir El-Alami, Affiliate Manager for Badoo says: “I have found working with buy.at very easy indeed. They understood our product and goals in the US very quickly and have added a great deal of value with regards to our US user acquisition campaign. Through a process of aggressive growth and shrewd optimization, we have been very happy with the results so far.

Performance & Results:
Since launch, the program has seen triple digit month-on-month growth. From December 2011 – January 2012, there was a 213% uplift in the number of transactions (user sign-ups). From January – February there was a 203% increase and from February to March there was a 122% uplift. Additionally, the month of March alone saw nearly 100,000 qualified signups through the buy.at network with an average conversion rate of 16%.

“While the first goal for badoo is growth, quality is always very important. After introducing more impetuous towards Facebook Connect and targeting particular types of affiliates, we are seeing month on month quality growth as well as standard acquisition growth.”

buy.at publishers are in a fantastic position to capitalize on Badoo’s success. For every confirmed registration, publishers earn $1. The registration form only consists of 6 questions making it a quick process and resulting in excellent conversions for the brand.

For more information on the Badoo affiliate program click here.

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