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    Taking the Money and Running For Government
    last week I heard this article regarding how people get into elected office. I found it interesting, yet it almost makes sense. Affiliate marketing is being abused because we have leaders who only listen to those who have donated to their PAC.

    Take the Money and Run for Office | This American Life

    AffiliateHound made a point in this thread regardingnexus and google.
    Quote Originally Posted by AffiliateHound
    I am really surprised that this relationship has not been exploited more in formulating state affiliate tax laws. I suspect it is because few state legislators know such networks exist and certainly do not understand what they actually do.
    Legislators may not know about the networks because that information maybe intentionally left out by their "constituents".

    One of the reasons i chose to fully listen to the article from Thisamericanlife was a sound clip from the PAC stating that legislators only hear from one side of the story (or choose not to listen to anyone else).

    It is disheartening to hear about how tens of thousands are losing their jobs because of nexus laws that aren't fully understood. When legislators entertain the thought of a nexus tax without thinking about the consequences, it outright pisses me off. The one thing that I took from this story was that we need entities like PMA more than ever.

    I would encourage you to listen to this and take a minute to think about it. I wanted to put this out there to get your opinion on the piece.
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    One of the most powerful men in the history of California politics, Jesse Unruh, who was Speaker of the State Assembly for a decade, and then State Treasurer for another decade, is famous for speaking these words: "Money is the mother's milk of politics."

    It is lobbyists and groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who bring legislation that they have written to their bought-and-paid-for government reps who only have to sign on. Check in pocket, they introduce and vote for whatever the interest groups want.

    A prime example is the healthcare industry. Health-related lobbyist groups (Health care professionals, big pharma, etc.) gave Congress alone over $70 M in 2010, and already this year, six months before the election, over $35 M. A few months ago, Forbes published a list of the 10 most profitable privately-held business categories in the US. Well, guess what? Four of the top eight were medical - Dentists, Physicians, Outpatient Care Centers, and non-MD professionals (Chiropractors, Optometrists, etc.)

    As discussed in detail here, media lobbying groups were the biggest contributors to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) who introduced the SOPA bill last year. Just as with state legislators who have no concept of affiliate marketing, Smith had no concept of how the internet works, introduced the bill because his pay-as-you-go financiers told him to, and only withdrew his bill, not just because of the public outcry, but because he learned that the horrendous bill if law would have shut down his own website.

    Can affiliate marketers compete with the money being given legislators across the country by giant corporations through their lobbyist groups? Doubtful. Will legislators listen to affiliate marketers when we try to explain the issues to them? Well, my experience is that they politely listen for up to two minutes, but they do not hear us. They sometimes ask for documentation, which when provided, is never responded to. During the time of last year's fight over the tax bill in California, I spoke to and at their request provided documentation to two state assemblypersons, one state senator, and two Congresspersons - not one responded. Note, no money was attached to any of my submissions.
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    I personally thank you Hound and anyone else who has gone to such hearings even if it were to fall on deaf ears. Getting the word out there is vital none-the-less. I would love to read that article regarding JCC Lamar Smith (404’d), I love sweet irony.

    I blame the fact that you can't add a sound byte that a political party or news organization can replay over and over. I see so much ADD. I was on CNN reading up on North Korea and their shenanigans (trying to blow up the world and what not) and suddenly an infographic scrolls down the screen “Miley Cyrus side boob revealed”…. (F-U CNN)

    If a nexus bill gets knocked down in 2011 it will come back in 2012 with a different name or in another state. SOPA gets defeated completely but gets new supporters. CISPA (the patriot act of online data) gets considered. Someone who pirates Video and Music gets jail time equivalent to someone who rapes and murders another. How about that there are kids going home hungry. Soldiers that are doing three even four tours more than they should causing incredible stress on their bodies and minds. Don’t forget the fact that there are “conflicts” that cost human lives.

    I had to stop myself before I turned it into a novel of ranting…

    Don’t get me wrong, there is so much that is right & good in the world. (I just don’t see much good in politics, "News" networks and corporate cultures)
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