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    A man has just had abdominal surgery in a Mother
    of Mercy Hospital run by the Catholic Church...
    He's lying in the recovery room with tubes in
    his arms and an oxygen mask over his face...
    A young nun who has just finished nursing
    school comes in to tend to him...
    The nurse says "Is there anything that I can do
    for you?" The man replies, "Yes nurse, tell me
    are my testicles black?" The young nurse became
    flustered and ignored his question as she
    busied herself tucking him in...
    The man asks again...
    "Nurse, are my testicles black?" now she's even
    more flustered and continues to ignore him...
    At this moment an older Nun, with 30 years of
    nursing experience enters the room... Again the
    man asks "Nurse, are my testicles black?"...
    The old nurse who had seen it all over the years
    lifted the man's gown and took hold of his
    testicles and examined each one very carefully.
    After several minutes she concluded her
    examination and replaced the man's gown...
    She leaned forward and said "Don't worry sir
    they look perfectly fine to me."
    Upon hearing this the man ripped the oxygen
    mask from his face and said "all I want to know
    is, are my test results back?"
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    WAY wrong..

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    Ooh! I have a testicle joke, too. This is an oldie but a goodie.

    Theological Differences

    A Priest and a Rabbi, who had been the best of friends for years, constantly argued the finer points of their respective religions in an attempt to prove the other's beliefs were wrong.

    One day they were riding in a car together and were cut off by a drunk driver. The car flew off the road, rolled five times end-over-end, and came to rest on its roof. The Priest and Rabbi crawled from the wreckage, amazed that they had survived.

    As the Priest crossed himself he noticed the Rabbi doing the same.

    The Priest chortled, "Praise Be! You've seen the light!"

    "What?" asked the puzzled Rabbi.

    "You just crossed yourself. I'm so pleased," the Priest said.

    "No, no," replied the Rabbi, "I was just checking everything was OK. You know...spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch."

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