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    I'm Thai and I have a lot of questions to ask you guys ; w ;
    Hello guys ! First of all I would like to apologize for my bad English skill because English is not my native language. Like I've said in my topic name , I'm Thai (It's in Asia) and I've got myself an ID for U.S. linkshare. I wonder that

    - Could I sell something to Asian people ? or I've got to sell it to U.S. people only.

    - If I sell apps from itune U.S. , can I sell it to Asian people ? (Do they have to login to thier U.S. account in order for me to get my commission ?)

    - Can I register japan linkshare ? does anyone know how to register there? and how can I get pay from them ?

    - If you know about japan linkshare ,can you tell me how to get japan itune app affiliate works?

    thanks !!

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    YoOu need to carefully check the terms of every program you join and are accepted to. When in doubt ask the affiliate manager directly. Many programs do not commission for international sales as they pay third party services and its eats the profit margin.

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    Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in LinkShare. Since you are in Asia, it is best for you to register directly with LS Japan: お問い合わせ窓口 - LinkShare

    This page will give you contact information for representatives in Japan.


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    Welcome to ABW, what's your local number (or drop me an email :: chris/at/ I'll be happy to give you a call, as I'm also in Thailand.

    LinkShare Japan, is not a good option, it is 100% catering to the Japanese market, all content is in Japanese, so unless your intent is to target Japan (and you can read Japaneses) then you will be far better off using the US networks to target Asia and checking on the shipping coverage of the merchants you work with. There are a few other networks in Asia, but most tend to be very weak or offering very low paying CPA deals.

    A lot of merchants do now ship globally, and don't forget to look at things like Software and hotels etc, where no shipping is needed.


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