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    Should i build several programs for each nitch or just one?
    My company delivers a biological testing kit that helps patients with general chronic pain as well as many specific areas of pain like acid reflux, high blood pressure, diabetes etc..

    I am wondering, should i be setting up my program to speak to general audience and then in the description of my program speak to the fact that we can market to several different niche's? or should i create a separate program for each niche in order to cast a wider net with my affiliates?

    Thanks so much for your feedback!

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    You should build out landing pages that speak to each specific area then incorporate it into your program. Recommend creating links/banners specific to those areas then promoting to your affiliates.

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    I'm with Chuck, build several pages and develop each on it's own merits with links to the others.

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    I'm also in agreement with Chuck. You could / should also aim to try and rank each page for it's specific niche / keyword as well. Should help bring more traffic to your website and more customers.
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    A few weeks ago, we had a small workshop & someone raised a really good point about guys like you.. who are in the health niche. He said the main problem you guys have is becoming snipers, you go too broad on a niche.. for instance "general chronic pain" is too broad.

    Have you ever had any chronic pain?? Where on your body?? How did you get healed?? That's what your product should be about. Someone searching in Google might use something such as.. "Chronic Back and Leg Pain"... & there's your product name & niche.. be a sniper

    If a product is for anyone who has chronic pain, it's for no one at the same time & can be a problem with conversions. & It's also a good idea to use different pages & squeeze pages for different pains! I know I got off topic a bit but think about what I just said!

    All The Best!

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