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    A construction worker heads into his
    favorite bar at the end of the work day.
    He sits down on his usual bar stool and
    orders a PBR and kicks back...
    Suddenly he notices that classical music,
    that sounds like Beethoven’s 5th symphony,
    is coming from a cardboard box at the end of the bar

    The guy gets up and walks over to the box and
    peeks over the top... what he sees amazes him...
    There, seated at a tiny grand piano, is a man
    about 10” tall, dressed in tux and tails, playing
    classical tunes one after the other...
    “What the hell is this?” he asks the bartender...
    “Oh, that” the bartender replies, “that’s the answer
    to a wish that I made last night.” “What the hell are
    you talking about?” the man responds...

    The bartender says “Well, you see it was like this...
    I was cleaning up last night and I found this funny
    looking bottle on one of the tables. I picked it up and
    was looking at it when it started smoking. All of a
    sudden this genie appeared and told me that I had
    one wish and asked me what I wanted and, to make
    a long story short, that’s where he came from...”

    The construction worker says “Don’t give me that
    crap, where in the hell did you get something like this?”
    The bartender replies “Hey, check it out for yourself
    the bottle is out back in the trash can.”...
    So the guy goes out back and, sure enough, there’s
    a weird looking bottle on top of one of the trash cans...

    He picks up the bottle and starts examining it when it
    suddenly starts smoking and a voice says “You have
    one wish, what would you like?" He turns to see a large
    genie with his armed crossed, standing before him ...
    The stunned construction worker says the first
    thing that comes to mind.... “I want a million
    bucks” he says. “Your wish is granted” said
    the genie and he disappeared... Suddenly the
    alley is filled with a million ducks, quacking
    and waddling all over the place..

    The construction worker is shocked and begins
    to cuss and holler...
    “Wait, come back, I said Bucks not Ducks!”...
    But it’s too late... the genie is gone...
    Feeling dejected and wanting to get away from
    the noise of the ducks, he heads back into the bar...

    As he settles back in on his bar stool the bartender
    looks at him with a sly smile and says... “You didn’t
    get what you asked for did you?”... The construction
    worker looks at him in surprise and asks, “Now, how
    did you know that?....
    The bartender shakes his thumb toward the box at the
    end of the bar and says “Son, you don’t really think
    that I wished for a ten inch pianist, now do ya’?”....
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    its a good one
    One day parasites and their ilk will be made illegal, I bet a few Lawyers will be pissed off when the day comes.
    Mr. Spitzer is fetching it nearer


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