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    I need 5,000 customers per week! HELP!
    Technically challenged Energy Broker in dire need of a solution to produce 5,000 customer sales per week.

    I have the technical prowess of a 6 year old. Please don't throw anagrams at me.

    Looking for a hero!


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    Have you tried buying advertising? What does an energy broker sell?

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    WOW.. that's a really hard one. I just checked the stats, & there seems to be a lot of competition on this.. 2 sets of Adwords Ads at the top of Google search.. so just forget about getting traffic from organic search.

    Try using Google adwords, but there's already a lot of big companies, so you'll have pop out a lot of cash & work hard on making your ad stand out from the rest..

    The best place is facebook.. You can create a Fan Page or use Facebook Ads, which will work well with you keyword. If I see an Ad on facebook saying, 'Buy Cheap Electricity Online' or 'The Safest Way To Buy Electricity Online' trust me, I'll click on it very fast..

    Have You tried door to door.. if you do this, your 'happy' customers will get you closer to those 5000 sales a week.. word of mouth is really powerful, especially with your niche..

    The Best Of Luck!

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    Change it to Free Energy Online!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    Change it to Free Energy Online!
    Just a thought here so run with this but the Facebook and other social media platforms could be a possible avenue although I would instead produce a viral video and run some television advertising as that is now a very cheap way to mass market. There are also specialised affiliates who can run mass market advertising in video.

    My thought is this:

    Is there anything illegal about offering to PAY a customers electricity for a year?

    You could run a prize draw or a roll down "sale" whereby a customer gets 100% discount, the next 2 get 90%, the next 3 get 80% etc etc etc and run this as a competition. If this is legal in the US (perfectly ok elsewhere), it's a contractual arrangement between your company and the consumer whereby you promise to pay the customer utility bill.

    That sort of promotion could result in a big take up, especially if you then agree to run a similar monthly competition. The winners only receive notification of their winning status after they have subscribed to the utility. This could easily be managed within your margin and affiliates could really push this sort of promotion.
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