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    little help please
    Hows it go everyone, name is Shane. I have a question or 2 and any feedback will be much appreciated. I have been interested in internet business such as affiliate marketing for a while i have just never taken charge. Also i know i lack the basic computer skills to even get started in something like this. So my question is how do i go about and what is the best way to start acquiring the skills i will need to and get the ball rolling for this? Keep in mind i am completely starting from scratch, thanks everyone.

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    Shane, this info might help:

    Please read the newbie forums/subforums because they might answer
    your questions
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    If you have the skills to find this forum and start a thread then you can get started as an affiliate.

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    Hi shane, and welcome.

    When I left my former field and was debating alternatives a bit more than a decade ago, I knew very little about computers. I quickly was able to learn what I needed to know, and at a minimal cost, by taking some evening adult school classes. Such schools offer a wealth of info, and I had some great instructors.

    As to learning about affiliate marketing, ABW is where you can learn about that.

    p.s. I'm actually taking a class now in using Facebook to promote small businesses. The cost works out to $3 per class hour.

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    shane i am completely new at this too. and i am starting from scratch also. i have been procrastinating on it for a while now have been kicking myself in the ass for it. so i have been really digging into it and hopefully in the next month or so i will have a site up and kicking butt lol. i am going to be using wordpress for my first few sites. try looking looking into that because you can make a functional site with it until you build up and can make one on your own. one thing i do want to say even though i haven't done anything yet is to keep on it and never give up.

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    I would suggest checking out the seomoz web site, they have a great guide to teach you how to do SEO. You should learn as much as possible about SEO.

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