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    Would a business disapprove of this?
    I found out that a product i've purchased in the past has an affiliate program. Basically, the business that sells this product is the only business that has a patent and sells this type of product. The problem is, the business website for the product is so poorly optimized when you google the keywords it ranks 4th under forum posts and yahoo answers questions looking for this type of product.

    If I sold this product as an affiliate I have no doubt that it would be easy to outrank the business website for the keywords. But i'm wondering if the business would disapprove of this? Such as If a significant amount of sales ended up going through my website. Since they are the only business selling this product I feel like it would be easier for them to cut off my affiliate ties with them and not have to pay me a comission on sales.

    What do you think?

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    As long as their terms do not prohibit you outranking them, then there is no problem.

    Some merchants actually get pissy when you outrank them and have put it in their TOS that you can not use specific keywords, their name, etc in your page content, meta-tags, urls, etc.

    Pssst - it's really not that hard to outrank most merchants. It's why they have an affiliate program half the time. They are not online marketers...
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    Just don't spent a ton on PPC until you establish a reputation.

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