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    I was in Seattle on business and I was waiting in the airport to meet
    an important client that was flying in... As I paced around nervously,
    I suddenly noticed Bill Gates seated on a bench across the terminal
    reading a magazine... I wasn’t sure that it was him, so I casually
    walked closer to check it out, and sure enough it really was Bill Gates...

    I was reluctant at first, but I finally screwed up my courage and walked
    over to him and introduced myself... Nervously, I said “Mr. Gates I’m
    surprised to see you here, I would have thought that you would have your
    own fleet of private planes”... Bill replied, “Well, yes I do but I’m meeting
    an important client that is flying in on a commercial flight”... So I said,
    “What a coincidence, I’m here to meet an important client too”...

    Suddenly an idea occurs to me so I say to Bill, “Mr. Gates I’d really
    appreciate it if you could do me a big favor”... Bill replies, “What do you
    mean?”... So I explained, “As I said, I’m meeting an important client here
    and, as a matter of fact, he’s on that flight that just landed and he’ll be
    here in a few minutes and I really need this account. When I meet him, if
    you don’t mind, could you come over and shake my hand and say hello to me
    as if we were friends? It would help me out a lot and I’d really appreciate it”

    Bill paused for a moment and said “Sure, why not.” And I replied
    “Thank you, thank you so much.”... My client arrived and I greeted him
    with a hearty handshake and we began to exchange small talk. Sure
    enough, good to his word, Bill Gates walked over to me and extended his
    hand and said “Hey Bob, good to see you.” To which I replied...
    “Buzz off Gates can’t you see I’m in a meeting?"...
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