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    little help again
    Ok heres another few questions for people with more experience than myself which is none lol. What are some basic computer skills and skills in general I may need to acquire to get affiliated marketing rollin? 2nd question, when setting up your website is it better to use programs like volusion or yalo that help you, or learn to do it from scratch. Last question this is a big one, for someone like me starting from the bottom not knowing much about this, what would be the first 5 steps that a beginner would need to take to get things started and be on their way? Thanks much folks

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    You should have some knowledge of html
    The W3Schools Online Web Tutorials have more
    information & that site is a big help
    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
    (That site covers other skills that would apply & be a huge help as well.
    Not every affiliate has every skill. The more skills you have the better)

    You need to learn some type of design software.
    Lots of people use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator; there are other
    programs such as Adobe Elements etc...

    Or you could use free design software such as GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
    and Inkscape. Draw Freely.
    A previous post of mine might help you out in terms of thinking about
    creating a logo:
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    Learn to use an html editor and learn to use a program
    for photos and vector illustrations.

    Register for classes at a community college near you
    and you often can buy good software at the college at a discount
    (the instructor usually discusses that the first class if you
    haven't been notified in advance)

    Or you could spend money on your own on programs such as
    Dreamweaver for the structure of your web page/website
    or you could go to Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news - CNET and get a free html editor -- cnet dot com (great site)

    If you learn basic skills on your own you will be independent and you
    will be able to pick & choose your hosting.

    This is a great collection of topics related to web design:

    Check out .net magazine

    2 FREE Excellent magazine sites where you can read the issues
    online and/or subscribe for free:
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    Pick out your html editor: either a free one from cnet
    or a paid one such as Dreamweaver.

    Then you could get a template from a free template site.
    There are many free template sites, you need to be the judge of
    their quality.

    Here is an example (without comment as to rate of quality) of
    a free template site:
    Free Web Templates - Download website templates, WordPress themes, and more -- all for free!

    You can pick a free WordPress theme and just concentrate on blogging.
    Product reviews do well on blogs.

    Once you get the general hang of things, you can search the posts in ABESTWEB to
    see if topics you are interested in have been discussed. If you would like more info, then
    just post a specific question.

    You could edit your template in the html editor.
    It's best to use your own photos/pictures so substitute yours in the places
    where they have photos. You can learn that way.

    The best way to lean is through the W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.
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    Good info, Rhia.

    The only thing I might add to that is Kompozer - it's a free open-source HTML editor with reasonably good WYSIWYG support:
    KompoZer - Easy web authoring

    When getting started learning HTML it may be helpful to get an orientation, and with so many books to choose from it's almost overwhelming. Personally I've found O'Reilly's "Head First" series inventively helpful for getting started with a wide range of things from statistics to data analysis and more - they have one on HTML in that series:
    Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML*-*O'Reilly Media
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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    Also ...
    Here is a really nice, free browser-based HTML editor, that you can edit your pages with - The free online WYSIWYG Editor!
    if you'd like to try a browser-based html editor

    Check out this free browser-based image editing program just like Photoshop

    Webmaster/Design Tip: Check out this ridiculously awesome, free browser-based image editing program just like Photoshop
    Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser -
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    Yeap, all really great tips
    About the only thing I would suggest is to start small. Don't quit your job thinking you're going to make a lot of money from doing this. You may, but may not. You want to have an income to rely on til you see how things go. Am not saying to be a , but be realistic.

    There really are a lot of resources to learn but they do all take time. Don't get overwhelmed. That's why I said start small. Find a topic you're really interested in, get a domain name and set a small site up about it. Take your time to learn things before putting affiliate links on your site. Build your site around that topic so when you do want to apply for programs, you'll have a site relevant to the program. You will have a hard time getting accepted into a program if they see a blank site.

    All that said, lol I started knowing absolutely nothing, no computer experience or anything. If you're like me it will seem very overwhelming. Just take your time learning til you feel comfortable then go for it. Be very patient and try to continue to learn as you go. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhia7 View Post
    The best way to lean is through the W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.
    Hi Rhia,

    I used to like and recommend W3Schools too, as a good site to learn...


    I don't think I will be doing that for now anymore, and while I still think they are good for learning and practicing some code, I just discovered that all of their info is not up to today's code...

    While I was researching a couple of xhtml tags on the net, I found a site that shows some problems with the code from W3Schools, so after I check a few examples they show of bad or misleading code, I decided to no longer promote the W3Schools on any new post, not because they are no good, I still think they still somehow good for some code, but because they're not that accurate with the new validation code out there...

    Btw, here is the site I found that complain about the W3Schools:

    We are passionate about the web, learning, and craftsmanship. We want you, as web designers and developers, to be successful in your careers. We feel, though, that W3Schools is harming the community with inaccurate information. Like any other authoritative educational resource, W3Schools should both hold itself to, and be held to, the highest standards.

    We hope we can illuminate why W3Schools is a troublesome resource, why their faulty information is a detriment to the web, and what you (and they) can do about it. Source: W3Fools

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