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    What content/graphics can I use from the merchants website?
    If I am promoting a merchants product and have a website designed only about that product what is usually acceptable content/graphics to use off merchants website? The merchant did not have any information about listed but they provided advertisement banners and advertising images that linked back to their products.

    I could definately email and ask but i'm just curious generally what is acceptable to use off a merchants website? How much do you copy and paste?

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    My advice is to use only the product images & content that the merchant makes available to you. Don't grab images or content from the merchant's site without asking permission from the merchant.
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    Most merchants provide images and ads/banners that you can use. If they do not give you any, then you can email them back and ask them what images/content you can get off their site and use on yours.

    You can also search for images that will apply to your site, regardless of whether the merchant has given you a set to use. You can search for images from websites like istockphoto. Please note that most, if not all, images online are copyrighted so you need to either pay for the images to use them, or request from the owner of the photos.

    Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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    If it's a merchant that I'm going to be working heavily with I get on the phone and ask if I can use images from their site. Other than images, I never use any other content from their site. I always create my own product titles, descriptions, etc.

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    I generally write in my program terms that affiliates can use images from the merchant site. As commented its best to ask so at least it is documented.

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    Always ask the affiliate manager - most companies view their site design and image as their intellectual property. Stick to what they provide through the affiliate system or data feed, or ask for something special, but never assume that it's okay to "borrow" images from the merchant site without permission.
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