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    Easier way's to find affiliates?
    Hello, My name's Kimberly Standen, I'm an Affiliate Manager and am fairly new to the world of affiliates! I am looking for more productive ways to get affiliates signing up to our network. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Are you advertising on AdWords and AdSense?

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    From your site: "CourseIndex dot com merchants offer a range of attractive commission rates. Once signed into CourseIndex dot com, you will be able to browse the available programs and decide which are most appropriate for you."

    That is GOODBYE, FOREVER for me.

    You want me be become interested in your network, TELL ME exactly who and what you offer and the commissions. I WILL NOT sign up to find out.

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    Hi, Kimberly. Take heed - he Dawg knows about which he speaks. I, too, am a long time affiliate marketer (over a dozen years) and I agree with what he said. I will NOT sign up before I know exactly what I am signing up for.
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