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    Have you got this one yet.

    I just got an email from "CITIbank" (so they say) telling me fraud is on the rise and to varify my acount info. So to entertain myself I click the link.

    I get to a form asking me to enter my:

    ACC #
    name address

    Etc, etc

    Can't blaim them for trying.

    I also think they tried to drive by my computer. Things got a bit funky after I clicked the link. That's why I live in with a security expert.

    Gotta love the net.
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    Citibank requests that all fraudulent emails of this type be forwarded to:

    emailspoof -@-

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    I suspected there might be a drive-by download at the site (and didn't click through). After all, these people are thieves. This is sort of an old scam (few weeks). Must be out of the US moved from server to server. This was a pretty realistic scam though!
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