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    A Wichita Falls, Texas, liquor store suddenly gained a drive-through window — thanks to an apparently intoxicated driver who crashed into the building.

    At around 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning, a Ford Explorer (search) veered off Kemp Boulevard, knocked over a lamppost, plowed through the wall of Mike's Cut Rate Liquor and ended up in the wine racks, reports the Wichita Falls Times Record News.

    Police quickly responded to the burglar alarm going off, and arrested Glenda Stewart, 39, for driving while intoxicated and two charges related to possession of methamphetamine (search) and prescription drugs.

    Walker posted bail of $6,750 later in the day, according to a police spokeswoman, who added that officers had detected booze on Walker's breath.

    Customers had no choice but to smell alcohol when the store opened a few hours after the crash. Broken glass was everywhere, wine stained the carpet and some bottles had landed intact in racks across the floor.

    Store officials joked about the sunlight streaming in through the wall.

    Manager Skip Ward said he'd rushed to the scene as soon as he got a call from Cindy Elmore, who owns the store with her husband Mike — "She says, 'We have a drive-thru window now.'"
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    Customers had no choice but to smell alcohol when the store opened a few hours after the crash.

    So what happen to Glenda at the end?. Was she intoxicated before the crash of after the wine racks fell on her?

    With so many lawyers advertising on TV lately, I won't be surprised if by now one of them is not using the wine racks as a defense tactic.

    Judge, my client is innocent of DUI, if the wine spilled stained the carpet, it probably spilled all over her too and that might be the reason why the officers had detected booze on my client breath.

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