I spoke to Chuck about posting this website for sale here in the forum, as I'd really like to see it stay in the affiliate marketing family. Unfortunately, I simply cannot keep this site - as an untimely layoff from my corporate job has forced me to concentrate on my website design and development business, and I don't have time to work this site.

The site is Recession-Planning.info I'll give you as much information as I can below, and of course answer any questions. I think you can PM me here on ABW, but if not you can go to my main website at xigko(dot)com and use the contact form to reach me.

This site is a niche site about the current global economy woes. I did all the initial setup, and the site gets reasonable traffic - but I don't have time to take it to the next level. It currently is pulling content snippets from other RSS sources, and I think it really needs original content to be successful. The news snippets pull in traffic now, and there are some great little-known sources for economic commentary that I'm accessing - but to get the organic search positions it probably needs original content.

The site is currently hosted on my Xigko dedicated servers, and if the buyer wants to stay hosted with me we'd charge $4.95 per month. This is not unlimited hosting, as I don't oversell my servers ever. We host a number of sites from small to large directory sites, and we need to provide all our clients solid bandwidth not shared hosting. If you wanted to move to your own hosting, I'd help you migrate this utilizing BackupBuddy to ensure everything stays configured (and I can help with SQL database setup, etc.) It's completely your choice.

Recession-Planning.info has been live since Jan 4th, 2011. Currently has a PageRank of 1 and an Alexa ranking of 2,436,018

Okay, onto details for the site. Let's start with Traffic Statistics. I utilize Clicky instead of Google Analytics, and can take screenshots of stats for anyone who wants to see them. Here are the key traffic stats:

April 2012
1,211 visitors
2,049 actions
1.7 actions average per visitor
2m 20sec average time per visit
45% bounce rate

Traffic Sources
Search: 876
Links: 178
Direct: 139
Social: 15
RSS: 3

Top 5 Visitor Locations
United States: 597
United Kingdom: 132
India: 70
Canada: 67
Australi: 32

May 1 - May 14th
714 visitors so far
same % breakdown on traffic sources and locales

Monetization & Advertising

There are banner ads on the site and links to books on Amazon as resources. Ovation Credit Repair and Limon Whitaker Tax Advisors are utilizing Pay-Per-Call banners, which I setup about 4 months ago. I've made $46 in Pay-Per-Call sales in the last 4 months - which isn't much, but it is something. :-)

I'm currently advertising with PPC on Bing, but I need to stop spending this money :-)

I used OIO Publisher for ad serving, as I use that on all my sites. To implement, I added this manually into the theme. If you already have a license for OIO Publisher we can leave this, otherwise I'm pretty sure I can set it back to allow you to enter your add codes in the theme options by reversing my coding changes.

PrettyLink Lite is installed, and was used for the banner links. WP-Amazon plugin used to make the Book posts and display in the tabbed-slider. Using nrelate plugin for the related posts.

Site Details and WordPress "geeky" stuff you need to know

The site is running the Advanced Newspaper Theme from Gabfire. Google Analytics can be easily added in the theme options (I used Clicky instead of Google Analytics, but that plugin can be removed) The home page is separated into areas and setup to pull from various categories controlled in the theme options. I can help you understand the theme options.

Content is being added using AutoBlogged to pull content from various sources. I also installed the Make Full Text php script from fivefilters.org on the site. This takes RSS feeds and pulls the full text, even if only summaries are published - and it cleans them up so you don't have bad characters and ads, etc. I am not displaying the full feed, just an excerpt with a link to the original article so that it is not ripping off complete content.

A number of categories are being fed by content from FT.com, which costs me $25.99 per month. I think that without the subscription I couldn't get the feeds, but honestly it's been over 2 years since I set this up and I just don't remember. FT.com had the best selection of financial news in RSS feeds for sure, as I searched all over for content. (7) of the total (24) feeds for the content are from ft.com

The site really needs original content. I could quickly reduce the font-size on the top menu to allow for the addition of a link to blog posts, so that original content could be written, and help you setup an archive template that would just pull posts from a specific category (or a few) so that original content could be displayed. It's utilizing the WordPress custom menus instead of the theme options, so you have more flexibility.

Askimet and NoSpam NX installed to control spam comments.

WordPress version 3.3.2 (latest)
All installed plugins up to date

The SEO plugin by Yoast has been installed with basic configuration. I didn't utilize it on the individual posts since the content was being pulled by AutoBlogged - however for writing original content it's a fantastic SEO plugin.

BWP Minify installed to combine and minify css and javascript files
WP Super Cache installed with mod_rewrite active
Forcing browser caching of images, css and js in the .htaccess file

Current speed is okay, not as great as I'd like when looking at YSlow and Google Page speed. But to get into the 90's (currently high 80's) would require writing some custom WordPress functions to deal with plugins that did not enqueue their css and js properly and aren't minimizing. I do that for my clients, but didn't do that for this site.

So, I'm looking to sell this site to someone who can spend the time I just simply don't have. I need to focus on paying my bills and building my website design freelance business, so Recession-Planning.info needs a good home.

If you're interested, please contact me and let's discuss further. I think I covered all the basics here in this post, but feel free to ask questions. I try to get up on ABW at least once a day.

Thanks for reading this long post :-)