Hi Folks,

Im happy to announce that a brand new line of banner/promo ads for our Webgains affiliates are now available. Ive worked with our design team to bring you more options and ads with stronger calls to action for MAT campaigns.

Our offer in Webgains USA MAT Offer, Click Here

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There are a wide variety of sizes and designs to use so you can choose the best ads for your traffic and strategy. Select graphic ads ranging from small blog buttons to large leaderboards and half-page ads.

Weve also increase the number of nations well accept traffic from, please check our offer page for details and new opportunities.

Why Promote Mission Against Terror (MAT)?
The online game market has exploded as the definition of both a gamer and a game has changed.
The Free2Play or Freemium model opens up more opportunities and engages players.
MAT is truly unique with over 12 online game modes, a robust community and more.
Characters are customizable, upgradable and gameplay is intuitive and fun.

Please contact me anytime with questions, concerns or simple to talk shop...Im a dedicated resource for you to use.
Earn on registrations and in-game micro-transactions, contact me today.


Affiliate Marketing Manager
WickedInteractiveLtd ACE Online / MAT (Mission Against Terror)