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    Italian Law and Rules

    Being Italian and being also a newbie I was wondering if you know about any special law and restriction here in Italy that would prevent me doing an Affiliate program here in Italy.

    Do you also know about taxes: how much should I pay, how and where?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Nothing that I am aware of.

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    If you are an affiliate earning commission, it would be considered income, and taxed according to your own tax laws. How you declare it is up to you (personal vs corporate) - I would chat to a local accountant if you're not certain.

    It doesn't matter where affiliate revenue comes from (US, UK, etc), you need to review your own tax laws.

    Hope this helps!

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    Indeed, I've read something like that as well.

    In Italy we have a legal limit of €5.000 after which we must open at least a self-employed account. The problem arise when it costs the self-employed himself the beauty of nearly €730 every three months, no matter if you earn five or fifty thousand per year.
    Add the minimum taxes of 20andsomething% on top of that.

    Italy welfare sucks. In UK you pay once, and that's it. After £5.000 is taxable, and you might also prefer to wait until you reach the roof of £70.000 before to register a VAT account. VAT is called IVA in italy, and is indeed mandatory after the €5.000.

    I think I'm going to live in seychelles for a couple of months, opening a Bank Account there

    Lol, just kidding. I love my place, I can't stay await, no matter what.

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