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    Cool Incentive website software
    Hello every one,
    I just found this forum after searching for incentive website software. Any advice is appreciated/ I have a website with webstarts and just need software or what ever to get going and track and pay my customers.

    Thanks so much
    Yours in success
    Sasha T.

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    Hi Sasha - Nice to see you here. Welcome to ABW.

    There are some scripts out there that are pretty weak, IMhO, that allow you to attempt to be a FatWallet type site.

    First thing is to learn how everything works and then build from the ground up.

    Plenty to read up on here about Cash Back, Reward, and Incentive type websites/affiliates...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Agree and its better that you create your own tracking system. Every time I have tried to get my in-house white label programs into a membership site I was told they couldn't integrate with their tracking/reporting system.

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