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    SMS: (Not Provided) Keywords Are On The Rise
    Search Marketing Standard has just published the following:

    (Not Provided) Keywords Are On The Rise

    Last fall, Google launched encrypted search which was intended to make search results more secure for users.* Users that conduct a search while signed in to a Google account are sent to a more secure version of the site when they perform a search.* The websites that they land on will know that they came from organic search, but won’t be given information about each individual query, including the keywords that brought a visitor to the site.

    Google Analytics has always been the go-to for examining the success of an SEO campaign and entrance keywords have always provided insights into the search behavior of a website visitor that lands on your page.* When encrypted search first rolled out, Google claimed that it would only affect a small percent of searches.* However, as time has gone on, we’ve only seen the number of “(not provided)” keywords continue to rise for clients across many different industries.

    The reason for this rise in encrypted search is that more and more people are signed into Google accounts at a higher frequency throughout the day. *People no longer just sign into and out of a Gmail account.* Many people are logged in to a Google account all day long whether they are using Google Talk throughout the day at work, checking out their Google+ page, or searching from an Android device which requires a Google account to be set up.* It’s a Google World and as SEO experts and online marketing professionals, it is making our job increasingly more difficult since there is really nothing that can be done about it.

    There are certainly other high-end analytics programs out there, but they are costly and the small-to-medium-sized business client is unable to afford it.* From what we know, the less-expensive options haven’t yielded the best results.* In some cases, the code from an alternative analytics program can negatively affect an organic campaign.* Obviously something that results in errors/pop ups/malware etc., is something that you want to keep off of your site.

    Has anyone else experienced the same issue regarding a noticeable increase in the number of “(not provided)” keywords on your website or on clients’ websites?* Have you found any good alternative analytics tools to Google Analytics that provides the same data at no or little cost?

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    It's a double-edged sword. We don't want Google to track our queries but sure want to see them as website owners!

    Woopra has been getting some pretty good press lately as an alternative to Google Analytics, and I think it's pretty affordable -- maybe $30/mo?
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