The Top 20 Alternate Titles for "Fahrenheit 9/11" (Left-Wing Loon version)

20. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Administration
19. The Incredible Mr. Halfwit
18. George and Dick's Excellent Deception
17. Dude, Where's My Bill of Rights?
16. Bowling For Halliburton
15. Cheney Cheney Bang Bang
14. Curious George Delivers the Lies
13. George of the Bungle
12. Beating John Ashcroft
11. Terminal Stupidity
10. Rogered By Me
9. Bash Bush: Vol. 1
8. The Cooked Intelligence, the Thief, the Lies and the Evil-Doer
7. Forrest GOP
6. All The President's Mendacity
5. Rogered By Me
4. White Schmucks
3. Bush Casualty and the Sundance Bid
2. The Seven Minute Twitch

and Number 1 Alternate Title for "Fahrenheit 9/11"...

1. The President's Brain Is Missing