Did you know you can link to specific products on your Advertiserís site? Deep Links are links that direct your siteís visitors to a specific page rather than to the Advertiserís homepage. They are links that go deeper into a site.

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How do I create Rakuten LinkShare Deep Links?

  1. Access the Publisher Dashboard
  2. Click Links > Deep Links from the Publisher Dashboard
  3. Select an Advertiser-Partner from the drop-down menu; Click Browse Advertise Site to the right of the drop-down to open the Advertiserís site in an additional tab)
  4. Select the button for single or multiple links
  5. Enter the URL of the page on the advertiserís site you wish to link to. If you chose multiple links, enter the URLs you wish to link, up to 50, one per line.
  6. Select the button for desired output format: URL, text link, or image link (Publishers enabled for Signature may enter a U1 value)
    -URL: Click Create Link
    -Text Link: Input the text for the link and click Create Link
    -Image Link: Input the URL for the image and Click Create Link
  7. Paste the code onto your site and youíre ready for business!

We hope you found this Rakuten LinkShare Deep Linking post helpful! Check back next week for more useful tips.
For more information on other Rakuten LinkShare tools make sure to check out the Publisher Help Center.