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    Hello Everyone !

    I am an old Advertising Salesperson who is trying to start a Local Coupon Website. I am interested in having a site that allows local merchants to come to the site, register an account, design a coupon on my site, pick an advertising package and then pay for it via Paypal or some other payment service.

    At this point I am trying to establish a printable coupon site in which my visitors will see and print my advertisers coupons and then take them to their place of business and redeem them. " Old School" I know but the marketplace is so crowded with the Affiliate side that I thought I might be able to use my 25 years in local advertising sales to my benefit.

    I am a " sales Guy" not a tech person so I hope to be able to sell local merchants and then send them to the website for everything else.
    I need something that even a tech dummie like me can make work.

    I have looked at CouponPress, WP Coupon, Clipper, Coupon Script, etc. I'm sort of at a quandry on which would fit my needs . Due to my lack of coding skills I am not sure how to evaluate what may work best.

    Any help anyone give give to point me towards the best solution for my desired type of website would be much appreciated. Starting over at 55 is going to be tougher than I thought

    Thank you one and all.

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    Sounds like the model that uses.

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