The Top 15 Rediscovered Episodes of Classic TV Shows....

15. Mork & Mindy: Mork is detained by the Department of Homeland Security.
14. Star Trek: Kirk introduces nurse Chapel to his "personal phaser" and sets it to vibrate.
13. Gomer Pyle, USMC: "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" Gomer has trouble keeping a "don't ask, don't tell" secret.
12. M*A*S*H: Radar finally loses his virginity after the 4077th gets a shipment of sheep.
11. All in the Family: Gloria threatens to divorce Michael unless he changes his nickname to Vegetablehead.
10. Cheers: It's pot-luck night and Woody brings a hookah. "High"-jinks ensue.
9. Howdy Doody: Howdy faces his draft-dodging past when confronted by his decorated Korean War veteran brother, Tourov.
8. The Love Boat: A surprise mutiny results in Captain Stubing being hung from the yardarm as Isaac the bartender's reign of terror begins.
7. My Mother the Car: Feeling old and unattractive, Mother has some new "air bags" installed.
6. Bewitched: Mrs. Kravitz catches Samantha in bed with both Darrins at the same time.
5. The Honeymooners: In an ironic twist, Alice is chosen to be the first woman to participate in the space program.
4. Green Acres: Arnold comes down with mad pig disease.
3. Three's Company: Jack overhears something shocking and rather than jumping to conclusions, asks if he might have misunderstood. The crisis averted, the roommates spend the rest of the episode tending to their pet rock.
2. Lassie: Timmy's "Fire Hydrant" Halloween costume is accidentally ruined.

and Number 1 Rediscovered Episode of a Classic TV Show...

1. The Brady Bunch: Marcia's plan to make extra money as a "lady of the evening" goes awry when serial murderer Sam the Butcher becomes her first customer.