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    [Inappropriate content removed]

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    You bad girl you...
    If that joke was so good that Haiko felt he had to remove it
    because it was “inappropriate” it must be really good. Please
    PM it to me... I just gotta hear this... I’ll find a good one to trade
    you in return...
    <Font size="1" color="99000">Never doubt anybody's word for anything... but... Always double check everything... - Grandpa</font>

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    For those that missed it - it was not obscene - geezeee.

    It was a picture of a 1(one) year old DEER a bit excited while trying to be romantic to a Weimaraner male dog. The dog was offended and showing his teeth!

    I found it cute and funny not offensive and that’s why I wanted to share it. Some of you know I raise and breed Weimaraner that’s why I found it cute.

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