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    WebsiteAlive: Last Commissionable Transaction 01/18/2009
    I came across this while researching some new merchants today. 3 Years? Pretty crazy for an "active" merchant. Anybody know what the story is?
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    Based on the "Last Compliance Test" date:

    And that they are on auto-deposit with an up-to-date credit card - I would presume that as long as they pay their monthly minimum fee to the network they aren't going anywhere.

    Why boot someone who is paying you?

    [That's sarcasm in case no one picked up on it...]
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    Nothing to add really but it's annoying to have to wade through that kind of garbage when looking for a SAS merchant.

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    Nothing to add really but it's annoying to have to wade through that kind of garbage when looking for a SAS merchant.
    Try telling them that. They post "things we need to fix" thread that runs for years, but they only hear what they want to hear, and they only deal with the problems that they want to deal with. It's only a matter of time before Shareasale becomes so cluttered with zombie merchants that they won't even know where to start with cleaning up their act.
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    Seems I heard they had 4000 merchants. Should be able to filter out the dormant merchants out.

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    Thanks AffNinja - We've taken care of that one.

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    Herbs MD seems to be in the same boat. They show up as an "active" merchant, but their web site is offline, and...
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