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    Talking Purchased a "How to build a business online program"
    I haven't gotten a website built yet and am learning. i believe you have to go to websites to help you get started for example blue host and such. I haven't built a website yet because i haven't found my product or products yet. I know my keyword subjects. I have a few but like commission junction, where can i go to askif i can sell there product on my website and maybe this is too soon but how do i do it on my website like a video to display my products? I haven't got that far in my program i purchased on how to build a business online but I'm discouraged in knowing that the program might not tell me everything and charge me more later. They have helped me so far sort of so there's hope. i might be jumping but how do i start my website with what products?

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    The first thing I would suggest you do is go to the people from whom you "purchased on how to build a business online" and demand your money back.

    When you are so confused that you cannot clearly even express what you think you need to do -- that means you've probably been scammed by whatever person or group sold you the "how to" course.

    Then come back here and start reading as much of the "newbie" stuff and other "how to" sections as you can of the forums here. It's free and it's bound to teach you more than you are learning so far.

    Good luck.

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    Writer Guy is giving good advice.

    Don't give up......Keep your money in your least for the time being.

    Work smart.
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    Updated the thread name as this has little to do with Commission Junction and more to do with purchasing a course to get started. Moved to Newbie FAQs forum where others can learn from this.

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