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    Cool Hi friends, I just joined this hallowed forum
    Hi everyone, I'm Pete Bailey an ex pipeline construction man, they call us pipeliners in the trade lol. I'm well past my pipelining days and found a lot of time on my hands to get into blogging. I'm new to the blogging scene and IM for that matter but got lots of experience at putting html pages together, I'm not so good at the color themes and stuff yet but getting there.

    I started my blog a couple of weeks ago because my head is not the place to store all the info I need to remember in one go. So my pages are me telling me how to do things, my blog is called BaileysBigBlog and is UK based so I write and spell in UK English. I have no problem reading the American style of English at all and hope my American readers will feel the same about reading my UK English, if the info is good then read it if not then move along nothing to see here folks!

    In my career as Senior Pipeline Inspector for some of the bigger oil companies I travalled around a lot. Espesially the oil and gas rich countries. I've seen marketing at its best and I've seen it at its worst. I guess its objective and depends upon your point of view really, what's good and what's bad is squarely in the eye of the beholder.

    Anyway friends I just wanted to leave a comment and feel the atmosphere of this forum as it looks like a place I will want to post to often.

    That's about it for now cheers friends, Pete.

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    welcome Pete Bailey

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    Hello Pete and welcome to ABestWeb! That's the best introduction I have seen in a while. Glad to hear you are blogging to vent your years of travel. Are you able to make some commissions from the blog?

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    A warm welcome to the ABW forum.. hope you'll enjoy your stay

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