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    Looking for a Mentor
    I am looking for a mentor that can help me get started with affiliate marketing. I am not totally new, in fact I have a few sites that rank but my sales are virtually nonexistent (I have never gotten enough sales for CB to pay me!)

    Anyways I don't have much money but I am willing to do the work and share the profits if someone can help me get started for little or no cost and show me a system that I can duplicate, that way I can share one campaign while starting my own!

    My goal is to make 200 a month, I am currently off for the summer so I have two months I can dedicate to anyone that can help me! (I am willing to test out a new system to if you have an affiliate product you want to try before you sell and you can use our convos in the lessons)

    Thanks in advance for everything!

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    Hi. I am a newbie, too. But I think that you make a big mistake by asking for this kind of help.

    The Internet is full of information about IM. But the problem about this is that you might rely upon the crap (the "system" you talked about). Fortunately, there's also a lot of useful information. Usually the crap's titles are similar to "make $20 000 a month after 60 days". From what I've read the first step to earn something is to understand that those systems are mostly a waste of time and money. Fortunately, there is information in sites like ABW which is worth the reading, and it's free. Free of $ to receive it, but definitely not free of labor... You should read, try, learn from your mistakes, try again and so on. You have a lot work to do if you want to be a full time affiliate marketer.

    I think that the problem with your offer is that your mentor won't be a skillful affiliate marketer as you want. I don't believe that there is an affiliate who does it for living and who would become your mentor. Think about this: Why would he teach you for months while for the same period he could earn much more if he did his regular occupation? And why he would teach you, the competition, his knowledge which has been collected with a lot of work through the years? In the best case your mentor will be someone who has just a few months of experience, or a newbie in other words.

    The best tip I could give you is: Read and get to work!

    P.S. I am exercising my English by writing here and in other forums. Please tell me in case that I’ve made a mistake. It will help me a lot.
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    Well said, MoDz...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    We have a review forum where you can post a link to your site and ask for advice. Its free and regular members here are successful affiliate marketer. That's why they have time to post on forums!

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    Are you attending Affiliate Summit? If so, they have a wonderful mentor program you can check out. You'll get paired with someone who knows the ropes of the industry and can mentor you beyond just the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zspuckl View Post
    I am looking for a mentor that can help me get started with affiliate marketing.
    Thanks in advance for everything!
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